January 20, 2016

Yoga, Part 1

Yoga. Some like it, others don’t.

I used to be in a don’t category, but now I’m in a like category. By the way, does there really need to be categories? No, no there doesn’t. 

But here’s the deal- there are so many different practices of yoga that if one participates in a yoga class and doesn’t like it, that person may assume that yoga- in general- is not for them. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Actually to tell you the truth, it has taken me years to fully embrace and appreciate the practice of yoga. I know, I can move slowly sometimes. There were times I would attend a class or participate in something on my own, and I just didn’t feel it. I would go to different classes, different instructors, and I’d even bring my bright pink, old yoga mat I won (free!) from the Ashland University Rec Center with the big words TAMPAX on it. Surely, I made a statement. Did I mention it was free? Anyways maybe it was the practice, maybe it the instructor, but let’s call it what it is- maybe it was me. I wasn’t ready to appreciate any type of practice. But there is real beauty in yoga and a centeredness that unfolds, depending on the focus and goal of the yoga practice.

My mantra to others is to continue trying new practices, new instructors, new venues, etc. It can be very worthwhile. And over time it can reap some serious benefits.

Yoga has been around for so long but yet in the last 10-15 years it has exploded even more. Now there are magazines and journals, hashtags (#yogaeverydamnday), attire, resort specializations, etc. It can be a lifestyle.

It can impact your mind, body and soul. How wonderful to become physically strong, calm your mind, and deepen your spirituality and oneness, and give gratitude all at the same time. Well, if that’s what your take away is from the practice.

We all have a different mindset before stepping into a yoga practice, and even during the practice we are all taking away something different. But in the end, we participated, we devoted precious time to ourselves, and we can refocus on the priorities of life we establish ahead.

One of my current focuses is the tightness in my hamstrings. So right now downward dog is my go-to pose in order to loosen up and feel a wonderfully good stretch.

So if you are new to yoga, consider trying it. If you are an experienced yogi, do you have a favorite pose?


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