March 28, 2015

YMCA Weight Loss Challenge (Winter 2015)

I was asked to partner with the YMCA in their Weight Loss Challenge this winter. The program was a great blend of physical activity/scheduled workouts and educational sessions. Now that the program is over and the results have been analyzed, here are the results. 
*Kudos to Tiffany Roberts who coordinated this Challenge and Haley Burdick for orchestrating the workouts!

The YMCA Weight Loss Challenge (Winter 2015)

This weight loss challenge can be summarized as
a success! It is clear that information and knowledge was gained, participants either
kept their healthy behaviors or improved their unhealthy behaviors to health
behaviors. Also participants’ readiness improved and it also helped reduce the
stress in many of their lives. 
Of 24 Weight Loss Challenge participants, a total
weight loss of 323 lbs. was lost
by the end of the program!
This program was a joy. Naturally I am an extrovert and enjoy interacting with individuals, teaching and helping others learn information to advance their health. This community program was perfect and proved that this type of program WORKS! Kudos to the planning team and to the participants who worked hard EVERY WEEK! 

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