March 13, 2017

Where Does Everyone Go for Spring Break: How to “Spring Break” at Home

Does everyone go somewhere for vacation during spring break? Bathing suits, beaches, trips and getaways? Actually no, not everybody. However quite a few people do go on a vacation during spring break- to unplug from responsibilities, party hardy, or to simply focus on self care.

And since I live near and work at a university, I was reminded that according to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, at least 50% of college students go somewhere for spring break- and they prefer to…

  • Drive > fly
  • Spend < $1,000
  • Go to Las Vegas, Dominican Republic, Florida, Mexico, and California (top ranked places in various order)

As for me, I stayed home. And for some reason, people aren’t flocking to South Dakota for spring break because they would rather have “warm weather,” and “beaches,” and the ability to wear bathing suits. Yeah yeah yeah… again, I digress.

While going on a big vacation is fantastic for mental health, it’s also okay not to go somewhere- to save money, “vacation” locally, and/or schedules just don’t make it feasible.

So what did we do? How did we survive?

How can you create your own spring break at home?

Plan a few special, local outings

We either made things special at home or traveled locally for something special (like, going out to a different restaurant out-of-the-norm in Sioux Falls, SD). We entertained the zoo a couple times but it wasn’t even possible- even if we bundled up.

We also invited friends over for dinner to socialize more and connect further, and the kids were also able to play with their friends more freely without school going on. Connecting with people is one of our favorite things to do so this was wonderful. We love having people over.

Participate in local activities based on the local weather. For example, we had snow and so we played in the snow, made hot cocoa, and exerted some major energy.


Focus on self care

This has two parts.

First, one reason we focused on self care was because pink eye decided to make its uninvited, ugly arrival to our house. Sigh. No fun but not a catastrophe. So we just planted it at home for a few days and ensured it didn’t spread. #life

Second, my husband and I both value the need for self care individually- mental health days, personal time, etc. On separate occasions, we both carved out times where we each took a few hours to just go do our own thing- whatever that may be. No kids, spouses, just be and focus on our self. #amen


Mainly- just BE

I believe there’s a joy in being home and not rushing, and small town living has encouraged that mentality. While vacations are awesome and encouraged (and we do have some planned in the future), sometimes it’s just time to stay home and BE, save money, and relax at home.  (Man, I’m I getting older or what?!!) It was just a more relaxed schedule- less demands and commitments. Just doing things that bring you joy and allow you to BE YOU.

For example after thinking about this recipe for a while, I finally made a flourless almond torte which I posted to Instagram… and it has shamelessly served as a dessert and breakfast item for me these last couple days. That unfiltered photo is exactly what is looks like… and it tastes just as good.  Personally I find baking and cooking therapeutic. So making this flourless almond torte was perfect for me to unwind in the process.


Do things that bring you joy and allow you to BE YOU, wherever you go.


In the big picture…

I’m thankful we had a chunk of time, such as spring break, to regroup even if it was at home. I enjoy home because I’m with those who are most important to me. Regrouping is so key for mental health and PLUS, when we are at home we are able to save our money for future vacations.


Tell me…

Did you go somewhere fabulous?!!

  • If so- share your joys!! What was the best part of the vacay?
  • If you didn’t go anywhere, what did you do to create your own spring break?

Comment below!


  1. Rachel Mulholland says:

    Honestly, I took my spring break/February break off with my kids. We played outside which I am thankful that my kids would rather do that than be plugged in. We also danced to music in the living room, went out to eat, baked, cuddled and read stories. Truthfully, I am the kind of person who enjoys returning home from my vacations because, well, it is home and where I am most comfortable.

    • Hi Rachel!! Home is most comfortable. While vacationing is wonderful to explore and experience, there is a joy to coming home. Thank you for sharing! It’s good to hear from you!

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