March 31, 2017

What’s your Lollipop Story?

Today I’m sharing the infamous Lollipop Story (one of my favorites!) along with items of thankfulness which help me better my wellness during the week. I feel like Friday’s are a perfect day for reflecting on the week(days) and giving thanks again (or rather, everyday is perfect for this but roll with me). Fridays allow us to do some introspection, if you will, and look inside of us to identify where are we really thankful from the dynamics of the last week. That’s why I’m excited to share these favorites with you…





This is one of my favorite videos. Actually it’s one of my husband’s favorites too. It’s a TED Talk too (which I easily get addicted to watching one after another). This is a good one, and it’s only 6 minutes long- but worth it. It’s encouraging and you can relate to it. Go ahead… watch it.



There are a few people who have influenced my life so profoundly. One is our dear friends- Dr. & Mrs. Don Rinehart. Dr. Rinehart passed away last year and I drove from SD to OH with my 2 kids to attend the funeral. There were thousands of individuals with me because he (did) and his wife (still does) walk a life leading with lollipops.

I encourage you to think of someone who has contributed to your lollipop story. Likewise, the question still stands in regards to whether you are leading with lollipops? Not for the intention of recognition or glory, but for the purpose of kindness. Are you reaching out to others in kindness and love? That is the best lollipop story.



Spiritual Wellness

One of my 2017 goals is the read the whole bible, and I’m doing well so far. Personally I use the ReadScripture app on my phone to guide my daily readings (so you’re not reading it straight from cover to cover, front to back). It’s a free reading plan that breaks up the different books of the bible into a pattern for easy comprehension.

Then I use my actual bible to read the passages and underline things, etc. I really like the ReadScripture app. #notsponsored



Wholesome recipes

Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

This is my go to book, Run Fast Eat Slow. It’s even on my kitchen counter for easy reference because I use it that much! Really, I use it weekly. I even claimed it as one of my “musts” for daily/weekly use. I’d like to say daily use, but that’s not being honest. Weekly? Yes. I have made so many of the recipes in this cookbook that I am always fully endorsing it. And Elyse & Shalene are in the process of Book #2 too! Ladies- I will help you with what ever you need!! If you look at my IG, you’ll see some items from the cookbook. Go ahead and just get yours now. Trust me. Again, #notsponsored. Just love for wholesome recipes with real food.

In case you are wondering, we will have a fresh batch of Chocolate Teff Cookies in our kitchen this weekend, thanks to Run Fast Eat Slow! Mmmm.


Have a great day!

In health,



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