January 10, 2017

The Evolution of ‘BeWellWellness’ and What to Expect

Hello Tuesday! Today I wanted to share with you the purpose of BeWellWellness in a little more detail, but with bullet points (because who doesn’t love bullet points).

First let me give you a little background. It’ll help.

Before this health/wellness site came into existence, I started a personal blog over six years ago. It was a way to document family and personal things with out-of-town family and friends. Blogging was new and foreign to me, but yet I kinda got a thrill being out of my comfort zone so I kept blogging.

Then a few years ago I started a health/wellness blog. It originated out of passion and desire to talk about all things related to health and wellness, because I wanted another outlet to talk about such things- in addition to my day job which was teaching health and wellness in higher ed. Thus, a blog. But at the time, I wanted it separate from my personal blog.

So for YEARS I have been writing on both my personal and my health/wellness blog separately.

Oy vey.

But, as health and wellness goes, it’s personal. At times it was hard to separate the content on the personal blog from the straight health/wellness content on the other blog, because it’s all connected. Plus I wanted to streamline my efforts in one place as well as connect with other women in community.

Therefore while this health/wellness blog (now BeWellWellness) is taking the lead in spearheading this fresh start, as the two blogs are rather (eventually) morphing together. Because the way to gain greater strides in health and wellness is with solid, trusted information/knowledge along with a community of support and encouragement. And that’s what this is.


See, it has evolved.

And I’m so excited.

So let’s get to some bullet points…

Who will benefit most from BeWellWellness?

  • Those who are health-inspired (or want to be).
  • The busy parent who wants to have an easy and healthy meal on the table for their family.
  • Those who desire to regain clarity in their health and want to feel better about themselves.
  • Busy women and moms who want to form community and connect with others with encouragement, support and authenticity.

What will you find here?

  • You will learn and be inspired to discover ways to enhance all aspects of your personal wellness- body, mind and spirit, and to be well according to your values and priorities.
  • Community and support
  • Easy, healthy recipes and ways to move more despite a busy schedule.
  • Encouragement to be brave, authentic and you in order to overcome fear and persevere towards your goals.

What makes BeWellWellness different?

  • My background, experience, and education (undergraduate and graduate) is all in health promotion, wellness, public speaking, teaching, and people. Yes, my background is people. I’ve worked and taught in higher ed, worked in public health, consulting, k-12 schools, and the community.  #yadayada
  • I’m married to a guy who has earned a spot on Team USA Olympic Team three times- 2004, 2008, 2012. So this brings a unique perspective to the table. We met at the very start of his training so I have been through the entire training and Olympic Games experience(s) as his supporter from the start. He has recently retired as an athlete and we are exploring a very new way of life (without training as an aspect) and last year we moved to a new community 1,000 miles away from where we lived for 13 years (and I’m still adjusting).
  • I’m a mom to two little ones and it’s one of my greatest joys.
  • I know what it’s like to juggle multiple things- being a parent and spouse, working outside the home (full time or part time), while still giving attention to you (self).

So stick around! Visit often! Get new posts sent to your inbox (click in top right corner).

Come back tomorrow for something new!

Thanks for stopping by!

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