July 10, 2017

Summer Rejuvenation

It’s July 10th- how is that possible?! I feel like we have been thoroughly enjoying our summer and sometimes I suppose it’s only right that it’s already July 10th. We have been maximizing our summer weather and time together here in the midwest and I think we’ve done well at mixing the busy times with the relaxing times.

Before we continue let me just tell you that the weather in the midwest is beautiful (more on that below)!

But if I look at my priorities each summer, it always comes down to one thing- rejuvenating and reflecting. I find that in the summer, I take a step back from the rush rush rush for about a month or two, and today I’m sharing about my own Summer Rejuvenation so far.


Enjoying the weather

Considering the cold temperature winters here in the midwest, I think the midwest makes up for it with it’s beautiful summers! There’s a mix of comfortable temperatures, some hot hot hot temperatures (hello pool time!), and yet the occasional storms to keep you hunkered inside. Yes, I just used the word hunkered. You’re welcome.

That sunset above was from one of our drives on the eastern side of South Dakota that I posted on Instagram (@wellfithappy) and I feel like the picture doesn’t do it justice.  The sky is so broad and beautiful with colors that I was able to see it for miles. Personally I find this not only helpful for seeing it’s beauty, but also to scope out the storms upon their arrival. Since these summer sunrises/sunsets are much more colorful and common in the summer months, I’m much more fascinated. Part of my summer rejuvenation is enjoying the weather and soaking it up. I find that the colors in the sky remind me to reflect and be thankful, even if we’re en route somewhere and in my mind I can stop and reflect with gratitude… because gratitude resets my mind to peace (and pushes out the negative, complaining, impatient thoughts).

During this beautiful summer days, we visit our local new pool all.the.time. and I’m so thankful for it. Just down the road, the kids (and adults!) splash and play in the water with slides, a spray park, a lazy river, and lots of local friends. Every single time we go to the pool, we have a fantastic time. This will surely mark as a future staple activity during the summer months in the midwest.



Visiting with friends and family time


Last summer was a busy summer for us, and this summer I believe we have done well mixing the busy times with the relaxing times. Whether work obligations or back-to-back activities during the day have been balanced with the lazy relaxing day with no plans at all. I’d hate to say it, but I believe it takes true intentionality to create a mix and balance because it’s so easy to just fill up your calendar and be on the go go go.

Recently our friends flew into town to visit and it was very fun! We showed them around, BBQ’ed a lot, but mainly we just enjoyed each others company and laughed. Gathering with friends (and family) gives me such joy that during these summer months when we see our far away friends more often, it reminds me to reflect and be thankful for lifelong friendships.

And the exciting thing is that we have more exciting things planned this summer! We are spending more time together than ever before during the summer months and it’s awesome.


Reading and Reflecting 

From a historical perspective, during the summer months I not only take a step back to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and spend it with (family and) friends, but summers always provide me the opportunity to read more and reflect on my goals. I read more, revisit where I’m investing my time during the school year, and learn. I actually find this is necessary ever summer to reset my mind and schedule before  school starts in August. While I personally enjoy having lots of things I’m invested in, I need to ensure that I’m not stretching myself too thin. I want to fully invest in what I’m committed to, rather than only providing mediocrity and stretched too thin. While I reflect during the school year, I find the the full downtime in the summer absolutely needed.

I’ve been reading a couple books every month and I’ve been wishing that I could read faster because there are so many books I want to read. But I figure the only way you read faster is to continue reading for practice. Have any of you become a faster reader over time? What helped you? Please leave your comments below!

This summer I have not discontinued all of my responsibilities entirely. I’m still meeting with clients and teaching in higher ed, but it’s just slower in the summer in order to balance the work/life balance for rejuvenation.

We have a few exciting things coming up this summer so I encourage you to follow me on Instagram (@wellfithappy) and on facebook (@bewellfithappy).


Have any of you become a faster reader over time? What helped you? Or, how do you rejuvenate during the summer months? Leave your comments below!

Have a great Monday!


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