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If you are like most of my readers, you are invested in the lives of your family and friends, committed to your passions/serving others, and strive to grow and thrive. You are learning and desire to leave a lasting impression on the world.

But you don’t want to leave your health behind.  Or if you did leave it behind, it’s time to reclaim it in order to enjoy and embrace the joys all around you.

My personality thrives on the go-go-go, go, and then some more go.  For many years, I juggled many responsibilities. I worked full time outside the home as a mom to my son and daughter, while my husband worked full time while training for his next Olympic Game (for a total of 3 Games). Then life shifted and I had to gather new footing. So yeah, I know about juggling, feeling rushed and looking at my to-do list which was a mile long. I also know about adjusting to new transitions, a new community, and figuring out “how to function.” I’m continuing to perfect my time management game even in a new season of life.

As a  Health and Wellness Strategist who has also been serving in the community, one-on-one, and teaching in higher ed for many years, I have not only been teaching strategies, methods and techniques to others in order to enhance their health and wellness but I’ve been incorporating them into my own life too- even within different seasons of life, because life is constantly changing.

Teaching and knowing information is different than (also) actively incorporating it into your own life successfully.

Through many, many everyday successes and failures, I have learned and persisted to teaching knowing and incorporating effective strategies into my own life to discover health and “balance.” I have to continue to re-evaluate my top values, and therefore priorities, and choose to leave the rest behind. I know, sometimes easier said than done (because everyone/everything wants my attention). But for me, I find my health and “balance” when I focus on what’s important to me: my relationship with God and church, my family, valuing my health, and contributing to my community.

My purpose in Be Well Wellness

I am passionate about health and wellness as it’s part of my professional and personal life. My goal is to provide authenticity, clarity, and bravery as we journey through life together- as we each move towards personal goals while not leaving our health in the dust. I want to empower you to be you and reach those big dreams you think about- because they can be reached. Believe me.

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So glad you are here! Let’s journey towards greater health together. I’m in, are you?

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