November 4, 2018

November Thankfulness #4

Happy Sunday!

Let’s get started with today’s thankfulness, and be sure to comment if we share the same thankfulness item. I’d like to know if we’re on the same page on things… or maybe not. Ha.

Today’s thankfulness isn’t people related as my last two things. But I bet there are many of you that are going to agree with me that this is a thankfulness item for you too.

I betcha.

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November 3, 2018

November Thankfulness #3

Folks, Day #3! We are on a ROLL! It’s the weekend and while that may be a future thing to be thankful for and write about (because yes), today’s thankfulness is another big one.

Yes, yesterday was a big one and today is too. But no worries, tomorrow is different. I already know what I’m going to share with you tomorrow… and while significant and a daily staple for me, it doesn’t have the same depth as yesterday’s and today’s things.

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November 2, 2018

November Thankfulness #2

My #ThankfulNovember series continues with Day #2! Yay! As I shared yesterday, I’m spending the month of November sharing one thing each day which I’m giving thanks and showing gratitude. It could be big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Today is a big one. I have a few big ones this month I plan to share and they will be dispersed throughout the month. But this is one makes it hard to put words together….

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November 1, 2018

November Thankfulness #1

Today is November 1st and starts my first day of thankfulness for the month. Most days this month I will be sharing something I am thankful for and why. I hope you join me.

A friend of mine, eh-hem Linda, does this every year and a couple years ago I decided I wanted to do it too. Join me?!

Basically it is irrelevant if the thing you are thankful for is simple or has depth, if it impacts you or others, or if the explanation is short or long. The point is thankfulness, and I’m going to be recording my thoughts here… hopefully to inspire you to do the same.

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October 14, 2018

Stay in Your Own Lane

Personally I’m a big fan of analogies. They make me smile and I love the connection you can make between something and a gentle reminder ‘life lesson’.

So roll with me. Let’s use this analogy-

Imagine when you drive and you happen to get lost in the scenery. You’re noticing all the things. Maybe you even check out the cars that are driving by you (“I wonder where they’re going?” or, “Wow, that’s a fancy car… much better than my car.”). Maybe you get lost in your own thoughts and you’re in your own la-la land (i.e. replaying a conversation over and over in your head).

I like the analogy of “stay in your own lane” because I think it has such connections to…

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April 19, 2018

Sit & Chat: Book Review 1

This is my very first book review. I decided to call my series of Book Reviews as “Sit & Chat”, because that’s actually how I feel we would be having a conversation about these books. Maybe with a coffee in hand, or tea or whatever really, and we just chat.

I have been reading frequently for years now, but lately I’ve been wanting to share the books I’ve been reading with you, my friends, so we can share our thoughts about them. And frankly, you can provide some recommendations for me too!

Disclaimer: These thoughts are my own. No sponsors, no ads.

Also- every month is a new slew of readings. I’m going to blame my randomness on the dog… just because.

I will be sharing my book reviews every month or so. Some months may have more readings and books included, some not.

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April 14, 2018

Be Well: Navigating a New Groove

New seasons, new grooves. New routines, new schedules. While everyone has their own method of navigating new grooves and seasons, there are certain methods that are really working for me right now- which may be helpful for you too.

Side note: New seasons is somewhat of a joke right now because right now we are literally under a blizzard warning. Seriously. It is April 14. I’m perceiving this as a good opportunity to hang around the house and just get things done, however Mother Nature- I think you’re drunk. Send your friend, Spring, quickly to help! Also, nobody needs to know that I haven’t changed out of my sweats yet (well besides you, friend). #LetsBeReal


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February 17, 2018

Refreshing some Self Care Routines (with inspiration from the Olympic Games)

Happy Saturday! Have you been watching the Olympics whenever you’re not sleeping or working? Yeah, me neither. Ha. Seriously, we are watching it all.the.time. Last night we ended the evening watching the Super-G with Lindsay Vonn and then skating with Adam Rippon, then this morning woke up to some USA hockey. And whenever I watch USA Olympic hockey I think of Coach Herb in the movie Miracle because that’s a favorite movie around this house. “Again! Again!” (If you’re familiar with the movie. Actually maybe when the Olympic Games are over, we’ll need to watch that movie again.)

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January 12, 2018

Returning After a Break

I’m baaaaack! Oh goodness, I’m back. I took an unannounced hiatus from blogging and I’m back now. I decided not to make a big deal about it- just take some time away, then return. And here I am!

The last season has been filled with lots of opportunities I’ve been excited to accept, which prompted me to take a break from blogging for a moment to readjust. It was a decision where I had to temporarily re-prioritize my time and daily investment.  Now that I’m adjusted and I’ve developed a new rhythm, I’m ready to jump back into blogging again at BeWellWellness!

YET NOW IT IS JANUARY (AND A NEW YEAR!). Insert big eyed emoji here. I HAVE MISSED YOU, kind friends.

Let me share with you what’s been going on here since I’ve been off-the-grid here at BeWellWellness…

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September 17, 2017

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Happy day! It’s a beautiful afternoon and I feel the fall weather quickly approaching. Yesterday our leaves started falling on the grass, and I’ve been wearing shorts less & less and pants more & more. With the onset of fall is also the transition back to school and routines. And I must tell you, I think I’ve finally developed a solid routine for this school year. I know that sounds crazy because it’s been a month since these new routines have been in place, but I find that nailing down a solid new morning & evening routine doesn’t happen overnight. So I’m excited that we’re at a good place. With that said, there’s a reason I haven’t posted on here lately. I’ve been trying to figure out my routine.

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