April 28, 2017

My Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! I’m so thrilled you are here! ANDDD…. today is the last day of classes! Next week is finals week and then the semester is over. Whoa.

This weekend the weather here in the upper Midwest is going to be in the 50’s but no rain, so we’re going to likely spend a little time outside and just bundle up. I’m wondering if maybe there are some good movies at the cinema to take my kids this weekend? Any recommendations?

Anyways, today I’m sharing a variety of favorites on this Friday today.

So let’s get started…

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April 27, 2017

“Let’s Get Real” Edition: Navigating Friendships After Moving

It’s another getting real post here, where I share an aspect of wellness with a personal slant. This time, it’s emotional wellness and how I have navigated friendships after a big move, almost 1,000 miles away- by still staying connected to my friends (and missing them) while also making new friends. Frankly, I will always miss my (now) far-away friends wherever I live. I think about them all the time. You may be able to relate in a similar capacity or just relate to the feelings of missing someone. Nonetheless, you know- it’s that achy feeling that you just want to hug them and laugh with them until your belly hurts with crying tears running down your face.

Isn’t that the best? I love a good belly laugh. Or really, just sit and be with them. I don’t really care.

First let me give you a brief backstory. I’ve lived in 3 states:

  • NY (in various places as a young child)- 18 years
  • OH (in a lot of places)- 13 years
  • SD (already a couple places within our community)- 1.5 years

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April 24, 2017

Mindfulness and Meditation: 3 Tips for You

Months ago I was asked if I would present locally in the Mindfulness and Meditation Series and yesterday was my day! I teach stress management techniques nearly every day to students and I practice different things on my own nearly every day too (and sometimes when people are around and they don’t even realize I’m doing it)! And what I have found is the more I invest (do, learn, practice) in mindfulness and/or relaxing, the more I find I need them…and the more I need practice. Like- all.the.time. While Mindfulness is becoming such a trendy word, it just means being present- in whatever you do. It can be when you’re eating, being with your kids, meditation or any relaxing practice, or driving! Ha! #buttrue. Really just being mindful in the moment.

So here are three easy tips I want to share with you to help you relax more during your day…

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April 4, 2017

Spinach & Peach Smoothie

This smoothie saved me and my weekend recently. I recently jumped onto a juice smoothie kick unexpectedly. I should mention that I LOVE smoothies, my kids love smoothies and they are a quick and easy way to pump in some veggies. Usually when I make smoothies- I make them as the main focus of a meal, with some protein and fiber to add some substance to my nutrients. However the purpose of this smoothie was different.

This time, I was focused purely on nutrients because…. da da daaaa… I was sick with every head-cold annoyance possible. While I was able to eat, my desire wasn’t there for the originally planned BBQ. (BBQ is not desirable when you’re not feeling well… period). So this smoothie saved me and my weekend, and I wanted to front load my body with healthy nutrients.

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April 3, 2017

Fitness: Use it, Lose it or Regain it

We’ve heard it all before: use it or lose it, when it comes to fitness or exercise. Isn’t that the truth? We can all relate to this. And we know the benefits of exercise, right? Whew. Sometimes life seasons can make staying active, well- difficult. Which can you relate to?

  • Maybe it’s just getting back into exercise in general, or movement, due to any injury, lack of interest, not a priority, babies and pregnancies, or motivation.
  • Or maybe the focus for you is mainly cardio and aerobic activity, so strength training hasn’t been a top priority.
  • Or maybe life got busy and your fitness, exercise, or training was just not a top priority for a period of time.
  • Or should we even address stretching? Yikes, I know… let’s move on…

Personally my hardest times were…

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March 31, 2017

What’s your Lollipop Story?

Today I’m sharing the infamous Lollipop Story (one of my favorites!) along with items of thankfulness which help me better my wellness during the week. I feel like Friday’s are a perfect day for reflecting on the week(days) and giving thanks again (or rather, everyday is perfect for this but roll with me). Fridays allow us to do some introspection, if you will, and look inside of us to identify where are we really thankful from the dynamics of the last week. That’s why I’m excited to share these favorites with you…

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March 30, 2017

A Normal Week: But Lots of Feelings

It’s been one of those weeks- you know, the weeks that seem ever so normal but yet when you reflect and look back on the last several days- you just see this blur. The funny thing- the week isn’t even over yet. Ha! Well for me this week, I look back in the rear view mirror of the week, if you will, and whew! emotions. A rear view mirror of emotions.

What happened, you ask? Well it’s not like anything large or profound happened. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that I’m shouting from the mountaintops. But it was the little things that either took my breath away or… brought me to my knees.

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March 21, 2017

3 Minute Egg Breakfast

If there’s one thing I love- it’s a quick, healthy breakfast. Honest moment- I make this for myself 2-3 times a week because it’s so convenient and then I’ll modify it slightly each time due to personal preference (plain vs. different add in’s).

Are there times I don’t feel like making scrambled eggs in a skillet and then cleaning the pan? Yes. #honest.

I will admit, I have a healthy love affair with eggs- however you cook them. So I like to entertain different ways to eat eggs, hence sharing one way last week. Eggs are a very simple, healthy protein and it can be easily jazzed with other nutrients to start the day. That’s what this recipe does, so let’s get right to it…

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March 20, 2017

How I Balance Work & Home Life

I’ve explored many different ways to balance work life and home life, and while it continues to change and evolve depending on my season of life, there is no mastery. It’s just figuring out different ways to juggle because each season of life brings different things to juggle- some bigger things, some smaller things, and usually a combination of both.

And let’s be honest, juggling isn’t easy nor always feasible. The word “balance” is also rather deceiving because are we ever in a real state of balance? It’s like this unreachable goal to find “balance.”

So let me share a little about how I juggle…

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March 17, 2017

How To Get Ahead: Optional vs. Requirement

This has been a topic I have discussed with quite a few people the last few days- “How do I get ahead? I feel like I’m doing everything possible but nothing is working! Nobody is calling me back, I’m not getting responses, etc etc etc.”

I get it. I do.

You feel like you’re making no traction. And the thing may be that you’re making traction on the wrong road.

Let me share with you a couple personal examples…

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