April 28, 2017

My Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! I’m so thrilled you are here! ANDDD…. today is the last day of classes! Next week is finals week and then the semester is over. Whoa.

This weekend the weather here in the upper Midwest is going to be in the 50’s but no rain, so we’re going to likely spend a little time outside and just bundle up. I’m wondering if maybe there are some good movies at the cinema to take my kids this weekend? Any recommendations?

Anyways, today I’m sharing a variety of favorites on this Friday today.

So let’s get started…




One of my favorite things to do is read. I really enjoy reading blogs and articles I see online, but I also enjoy actual books. I try to aim to read 1-2 books a month, realistically. Depending on the month, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. I recently read some books that were enjoyable and here are two of them to share with you.

This book, Reach, was an easy but inspirational read. I was glad I read it. It’s about going outside your comfort zone with lots of practical examples from all walks of life. I have a personal investment and interest in stepping outside your comfort zone so naturally this book appealed to me. The author wrote well and natural, he spoke in a text that everyone can understand. I enjoyed this book.

Kate: The Future Queen by [Nicholl, Katie]

I find the royal family soooo intriguing so this book was a fun and interesting read. This book detailed about her childhood, how she and William met, the wedding, everything (minus little baby Charlotte in the picture).But I found it so interesting and learned more about her with respect to her literally waiting for whatever plans to fall into place. This book gave me more insight into the life of a non-royal entering into the royal family and I enjoyed the easy read.



You may remember recently when I shared one of the smoothies I made which saved me over a weekend from sickness. I had jumped off the smoothie train for a bit and then I hopped back on. Well I am still on the train. Heck, I’m the train conductor! CHOO CHOO! And, it’s one of my favorites. Let me tell you, I’m QUEEN SMOOTHIE. If you follow me on Instagram (@wellfithappy) then you’ll see my smoothies but I also like to do IG live videos of my smoothies because I think they are fun.

I even have some smoothie recipes listed here, and the list continues to grow.

I mean to put it in perspective, I make a smoothie to share with me kids nearly everyday. No joke. And now they are getting a little particular with their smoothies and yesterday they were mad that I didn’t make it green (with spinach)! Whoa! I find it’s an easy way to sneak in fruits and veggies for kids, and also use up produce that is going to expire or go bad soon.

I love making my smoothies with my smoothie making machine. I use it on my IG live videos (not sponsored). I am really impressed with it’s ease, strength, and yet it’s compact in the kitchen. I even list it as one of my ‘musts’ from #bewellwellness. If you’re in the market for something like this that isn’t going to break the bank, I like this.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Recently I conducted a Mindfulness and Meditation session locally and it was fun. I even shared a video on my facebook page along with 3 tips to relaxing more each day (more on that coming next week).

Personally I know that I need and desire to relax more. And I find that the more I practice meditation, mindfulness, and even relaxing, the more I find I need it more and that I need more practice. #theendlesscircle

I’m also teaching about it nearly daily so it’s also part of my normal conversations. Mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, and calm the inner chatter can be freeing. It may not eliminate completely but every little bit counts. Personally I just know I feel better after simply relaxing and practicing stress management strategies.

Have a great Friday!

I’ll be back on Sunday with a #refreshinglyhonest post to celebrate National Honest Day… which, eh-hem, isn’t that everyday. (I’m not into these “National Days” but we are going to roll with it on Sunday because #TeamHonesty). Ha.

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