May 30, 2017

My Breakfasts Lately

I am a breakfast eater. I’ve always liked breakfast. And actually if I’m being honest, there are times I have 2 breakfasts- morning and mid-morning. I always think it’s interesting to learn about the inner-workings of someone’s schedule, day, lifestyle, etc, and food is one of those areas so I thought I would share with you my breakfasts as of late. Because I don’t know about you, but I am a creature of habit so usually my phases consist of a few things on repeat, minus the occasional surprise here and there.

But I also want to hear from you!

Now that it’s summer time, the flexibility for relaxed breakfasts are definitely here. However honestly these are also likely breakfasts that I usually have during the workweek.

I have coffee every morning. I didn’t always used to be a coffee drinker, but I am now. 1 cup of regular joe in the morning with a small splash of creamer, because that’s how I roll.  I use my keurig for quick and easy coffee, or I’ll use a mini french press when I really don’t have a time schedule. Then later once the kids wake up, we all do breakfast.




This was literally my breakfast this morning. (and it will be my breakfast tomorrow morning too) But last night I literally took 2 minutes to prep these oats and I made a batch in a bowl. I put it in the frig to set overnight and voila! it was ready this morning. I eat half and then eat the other half the next day.




This is definitely part of my weekly breakfast rotation- 3 minute eggs. I love it because it’s so easy and quick. Lately I have been putting it on a (whole wheat) soft tortilla and sprinkle a little bit of shredded cheese on top of it all, then eat it like a wrap. I’ll add spinach to anything and everything because I think spinach is the easiest thing to add to boost my daily greens.




Other times, I default to the basic hard boiled egg(s) and either eat them plain or I jazz it up. I like them because you can make them in advance and my kids like them too (but only when they’re warm… oh goodness). So this makes it easy to prep for the week in advance.

These happen to be farm fresh eggs- straight from the farm, which makes it into our kitchen about half of the time. They are so yummy.

If I jazz up my hard boiled eggs, I’ll do something like this:

And if you noticed, I personally don’t care for the yolks once the egg(s) are hard boiled. So I take them out. Just personal preference.


My goal for breakfasts is for a combo of protein and some fiber… so I’m not hungry again in 30 minutes. If I’m truly in a pinch for time- I grab a string cheese, apple & almond butter (or peanut butter) for a morning breakfast, but I’ve been not needing to resort to this lately.


So what are your current healthy breakfast go-to’s?? Please share below!


See you back here tomorrow!


  1. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every day: a bowl of oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter and unsweetened applesauce stirred in. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg and you are good to go! I am going to have to find a new go-to as the weather continues to warm up though. Probably overnight oats instead!

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