November 10, 2016

Momentum is a Driving Force

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with others lately about the power of momentum. When it is in your favor, watch out- you are in the drivers seat cruisin’ down the highway. It’s when you are driving your car and eventually the wind starts pushing your car (and save some gas). And when you go through hills and valleys- the momentum helps push you up that hill and gather speed on your way down (which will help you on your next hill too).  
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It is that unexplainable movement that pushes you further. 
But there are two key facets to momentum: 
Consistency and greater evolving goals. 
Consistency is typically the harder of the two, because it takes the daily ACTION of behavior. The development of a routine- even if it’s small. It’s hard. It can be boring, and not really that sexy. Sometimes if we don’t see quick results of our hard work, we get discouraged. But we all KNOW that consistency (not necessarily speed) succeeds. Because it’s the hard work. The extra mile. It’s more likely for the slow and steady to win the race- even if it’s just baby steps. Each step- consistently- starts to create momentum.
Creating and establishing greater goals as your momentum evolves and grows is key. The goals will evolve over time and will likely adjust according to your preferences, interests, and growth. They may develop to be different than your original intentions. But it’s hard to evolve your goals if there is no consistency in the first place. 
Many times I talk with individuals to identify HOW to get started and how to develop these routines of consistency. Because motivation is key, however motivation when linked to emotions and feelings, can be fleeting. You don’t feel motivated one day, or you don’t feel inspired. But when your consistency is linked to routines– it takes the emotional part out of the equation. It’s just like brushing your teeth (a normal routine- not really linked to emotions) you don’t even think about- but you do it.
So identify what small daily steps you can do in order to create momentum to reach your first goal.
You can do this- start small and be consistent. Momentum will come. It will evolve.

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