April 24, 2017

Mindfulness and Meditation: 3 Tips for You

Months ago I was asked if I would present locally in the Mindfulness and Meditation Series and yesterday was my day! I teach stress management techniques nearly every day to students and I practice different things on my own nearly every day too (and sometimes when people are around and they don’t even realize I’m doing it)! And what I have found is the more I invest (do, learn, practice) in mindfulness and/or relaxing, the more I find I need them…and the more I need practice. Like- all.the.time. While Mindfulness is becoming such a trendy word, it just means being present- in whatever you do. It can be when you’re eating, being with your kids, meditation or any relaxing practice, or driving! Ha! #buttrue. Really just being mindful in the moment.

So here are three easy tips I want to share with you to help you relax more during your day…


Yes, inhale and exhale. But more so- HOW are you breathing?! Usually we all have these really short, tight chest breaths throughout our day. Really it’s just our normal.Which is fine. However the real impact happens when we take our breaths from our belly, or belly breaths. This is where your belly expands further than your normal chest rise.

Try it! You can do this siting up or laying down, and you can even put your hands on your belly to feel you belly fill up with air. Take just a few cycles of inhale & exhale of belly breathes, really slowly.




While exercising and movement is fantastic, relaxing the muscles is key too. HELLO massages! Ha. But we can relax the muscles even simply when we are at home. It’s when we’re still, maybe even laying down, and we guide each muscle to stillness, feeling heavy and weighed down. This is a practice I guided yesterday. The feeling is where lifting even a finger would feel like too much effort. But I didn’t have any fancy equipment or anything. It was all about being still and telling/focusing my muscles to de-stress. To loosen. To relax.

It’s amazing what the body is capable of, even if it’s just telling our body what to do (i.e. the power of the mind and thought). But we use the body so much during the day that this is so key.




Sometimes relaxing the mind is the hardest to do because we’re always thinking about something. It’s hard to shut it off, purposely. But sometimes it’s the thing that needs to relax the most. There were a couple different ways I guided to calm the mind yesterday, and one way is through visualization and imagery.

You can do this simply at home or anywhere, really, by taking your thoughts to a relaxing place. This may be a unique place to you or not, the exact place is irrelevant as it’s about the feelings of peace and relaxation. See the place, hear the sounds, and see the colors. It’s very powerful.

An added bonus-

At yesterday’s session, The Bean kindly brought tea to the session and it was delicious! A warm beverage that’s not going to stimulate you with lots of caffeine but rather calm the body and the mind is helpful. So THANK YOU The Bean for providing delicious tea!

I shared a video about these tips and you can watch it on Be Well Wellness facebook.

Also if you follow me on IG, I post pictures and videos on my feed and also live.

Coming soon-

In the next couple months, I’m going to be sharing a new, special project that I’ve been working on related to relaxation and reducing stress. So if that’s your jam, stay tuned!


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