February 5, 2017

“Let’s Get Real” Edition: Saturday Nights

Let’s get real, folks. Just come with me.

(PS- this is going to be a new series. Get ready to get real… on a variety of topics)

Let’s get to the chase… It is not uncommon to find me at home on a Saturday night by 9pm. Or 8pm. Or… ::silence::


And to this, I’m not ashamed. At all. I’m loud and proud of this boring, uneventful, not-very-exciting- type of preference. I have embraced this as a lifestyle over time.

Because I’ve found it’s not actually boring, uneventful, and not-very-exciting.



Are there times when I’m out on the town with plans and on the red carpet? Maybe wearing some make up and getting gussied up because FANCY. Sure! Always the red carpet. Ha. Because sometimes I want to dress up and eat fancy food for no particular reason. And in case you were wondering, almost any food can be considered fancy to me. No need to spend big bucks for fancy. (Certainly it’s why my husband married me.)

But let’s get back to being real. Most times after a busy week and whatever goes on with Saturday plans, staying home on a Saturday night just sounds good.

  • Is it because I have kids and there are times that I’m flat-out exhausted?
  • Is it because these Saturday nights are calming that it is a good reminder to me of how I need to slow down?
  • Is it because sometimes going out is just too expensive?
  • Is it because the thought of coming home really late doesn’t sound glamorous anymore? #aging
  • Is it because sometimes watching the most recent episode of This Is Us or another rerun of Friends just makes me happy? #loveit
  • Is it because…

Yes. The answer is: F.) All of the above.

Life isn’t really glamorous… it’s real. And the real part- IS glamorous (read: beautiful), because it is.

And in case you didn’t know, there are some specific requirements for a successful night-in:

  • Sweat pants or leggings, whichever is clean and available. It’s best if the comfort factor is so strong that the appearance factor in public is therefore a non factor. The “appearance in public” factor needs to be practically null- you know, THOSE comfy clothes? Yes, those are the keepers.
  • A comfy sweatshirt. These are usually the “vintage” ones. You know- the ones with holes in it- sometimes in multiple places because of use and abuse, and barely pieced together. But yet it’s THE ONE for comfort and coziness.
  • A clean, washed face- I find this glorious, even though I usually wear little to no makeup.
  • Tea or a glass of wine
  • A movie or a book or both. I just read {THIS} book, and I’m currently reading {THIS} book- both excellent recommendations.
  • A cozy, really really comfy blanket. Like {THIS} blanket- whoa baby, this would be perfect. Plus the reviews are fantastic.
  • If you are feeling like the big guns are needed, you could reach for the bathtub. And if you use some type of bubble bath or soak stuff, wow- just go for it. Go big or go home.

I’m getting old.

Or am I?

I think I just don’t care and I.do.what.I.want. But man, I remember those looooong-ago days when I often had Saturday night plans… make up, fancy fun clothes, and whoo hoo going out because that evening social aspect was a high priority for me. That really doesn’t interest me now, or rather- it’s just shifted in priorities. Am I right?! Who’s with me? #fulldisclosure

Recently I asked my neighbor friend to come over ON A WEEKNIGHT after all the kids went to bed to have conversation and have a glass of wine. I know what you’re thinking- Laura, you are wild. And I would respond- I know, it’s just how I roll. But I told my friend- No fancy clothes. Sweatpants and clean face are preferred. And you know what? She came over per request, plus brought M&M’s.

Because that’s what friends do.

There’s some good in staying home and doing “nothing” because nothing can be awesome and glorious (not to discount the need to go out at times- that is key). However glorious is sometimes enjoying a book with background laughs from Rachel Green at Central Perk. And Ross.

And that, my friend, is real and life is real. Not to be confused with someone’s ‘highlight reel.’

Make it a good one friends. Clean face and all.

And M&M’s.


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