April 30, 2017

I’m Not Really a Shopper: 3 Ways I Shop for Clothes

If someone were to describe me, it’s not likely they would describe me as a frequent shopper. Even though I like clothes and I think they’re fun, I believe they can boost your confidence (think: an interview, a date, new body shape, a special occasion, etc etc), it’s not usually one of the traits that would take first priority to describe me.

One reason is because I don’t shop for clothes often (more on that below) and two, the actual stores that are physically around me and my community are limited (which has been rather helpful for the bank account).

There are a few things that describe me as a clothes shopper:



  1. If I’m in a mall, I can browse through a store and make it in & out within minutes. I browse around and if something catches my eye that I can’t live without, I’ll look at it further but otherwise I can make it out fairly quickly.
  2. I rarely buy anything full price. If anything, I find deals, sales, clearance items, or even outlet stores (but even those can sometimes be tricky).
  3. I’m on a minimalist journey. More on that below.


3 Ways I Shop for Clothes

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If I can (time permitting), I research my options according to my price point


I like to look at options beforehand. I’m rarely an instantaneous buyer. Which, sometimes is terrible because there have been times where by the time I’m ready to buy something it may be sold out or something. Ugh. But honestly, I find I usually mull over it for a moment. In this way, I find researching my options online as the only way to go.



I Try to Shop Local


Shopping local is fun- you’re supporting local businesses and usually the items are unique in nature. There is a cute local shop in Vermillion called Chlotique, and I think the items they have in there can be mixed and matched to look rather stylish.

I also really like Piper Street online. The two women (moms) do a great job with their business and have even been going to NYFW for inspiration. They’re fun to follow on IG.

Otherwise my go-to favorites are Gap {outlet}, Loft, Target, and even Amazon (for non-clothes items). There’s a gap outlet not too far from me that I enjoy. I’ve been a Gap/Gap outlet shopper for the longest time.

But online shopping is the place to be because-

  • Life is busy and computers/phones are convenient
  • I can research easier according to my price point
  • Sometimes if you live in really small communities (like me) online shopping makes options much easier.



Need vs. Want


When I moved a year and a half ago, I purged my closet. Like, major purging of the closet. I purged my closet with bags and bags and bags of clothes. After I purged a bunch of stuff, I couldn’t even remember half of the things I just got rid of after we moved. It proved to me that the mentality of ‘less is more’ is one I wanted to adopt more and more. Plus I find it rather freeing to just have less. We are all creatures of habit, and I found for me that I would usually gravitate to the same items week after week (with just minor adjustments with accessories). And I’ve been fairly good at the minimalist approach since the move even though I need to go through my closet again in the next couple weeks just because.

I try (key word: try) to “invest” in classic, test-of-time pieces that will last. I’m willing to pay more for items that I want to last.

Otherwise for trendy pieces, I’ll buy knock-offs that I don’t care if they last beyond a season. For example, earlier this winter season I purchased a pair of booties with fringe on them because I didn’t know if I was going to want to invest in fringe. I mean, because it’s fringe. I didn’t know. Well well well. I ended up finding a pair of booties at Walmart (Walmart!) for $20 and I can’t tell you how many times I get compliments on them. Funny.

But also as a mom, I need to make sure I’m doing things for me- even if it’s a want. I’m more likely to buy something for one of my kids than for myself and it’s not like my husband really cares what I buy. So it’s a choice. My choice, and sometimes I need to buy something even if it’s a want. So that’s another factor. Me.


As of this morning, my tall brown boots have hit the hay. The back zipper is broken and I can’t tell you how long I’ve had them. I mean, I’m surprised they lasted this long. But I also remember when I purchased them a looooong time ago, I bought them for $30. $30! I mean, seriously. So… in time I’ll need to get tall boots because SOUTH DAKOTA.  But since summer is approaching, it’s not urgent. #pursuingminimal


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