August 10, 2016

How to Get a Healthy Brain

I’m a proud flashes graduate (#kentstateuniversity) and in
their recent alumni magazine, they had so many articles about how researchers
are discovering more about advancing our health. I plan to share these with
you- and give credit to these amazing researchers and authors.
The one article was about how researchers are discovering
how we can “train and maintain a healthy
Well the article is quite interesting. According to John Gunstad,
Ph.D, professor of psychological sciences and director of KSU’s Applied
Psychology Center, he indicates that extra lbs weigh down our brains.
He indicates that he, along with his research colleagues,
are still figuring this out. But so far, there are some hypothesis’. Erin
Peterson, author of the article “Use Your Head”, indicated that Gunstad predicts
that “gaining weight seems to make it
harder for our bodies to regulate sugar, and even modest disruptions in these
blood sugar levels can make it harder for our brains to work the way they’re
supposed to.”
The good news?
Even losing a few pounds can reap rewards right away.
Gunstad says, “Individuals who start
losing weight may notice improvements even within the first couple weeks.”

If you need help losing a few lbs., let me know and I can
help you.

Treat your body well with healthy food and movement.  

Have a great day!

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