March 14, 2017

How I’m Finding My Voice

First- come with me. Think about that goal or aspiration you think about all the time that is constantly on repeat in your head to either begin or continue or start back up again.  You know, that thing or goal that keeps whispering in your head or that you continue to get drawn to.



  • Maybe you think about it so much that this goal has evolved into this massive, overwhelming, stressful challenge and it doesn’t even seem possible or personal anymore.
  • Maybe you started and somehow got off track.
  • Maybe you have researched and invested so much time into “what to do” that you don’t even know where to begin anymore.

Why haven’t we reached the end goal yet? Do we perceive it as too hard, not worth it, or we are making it too complicated? 


The Aspiration

For me- one of my [many] things has to do with writing. More specifically, I have goals and aspirations to further develop my writing skills. Writing has such freedom and peace that it can express emotions, provide comfort to ourselves and to others, and is truly one of the basic elements of learning- reading, writing, and arithmetic.

While I have many goals in my head, when it comes to writing I think there is such beauty when someone can write eloquently with authenticity and vulnerability simply through the combination of letters and words that are free to use by anyone, to connect with others. I think it’s just beautiful.

(Side note in reflection: Who’s to say writing eloquently is necessary to connect with others? The focus is on the authenticity and vulnerability)

Nonetheless I think I use my vocal communication so much during the day (teaching in the classroom, parenting with my kids, etc) that honing in on my writing gives me renewed direction, peace, and yet a challenge at the same time.


The Struggle

Man, that blinking curser. I hate you.

Sometimes it’s finding the right words to say.

I think writing is awesome, hence starting as a blogger six years ago. But I can’t tell you the number of times I [still] sit here and type, then erase and delete, then retype and ponder my words if they are “just right.” I’m not looking for perfection, but I also don’t want to write slop. #honest. Please comment and share below if you can relate. 


And then hitting the ‘publish’ button? I take a deep breath every time because then the words get real.

I’ve turned simple letters and words into this complicated process.

Through research, articles, webinars, stats, and everything else under the sun, I have steered off from the basics in regards to just basic writing.


The Shift: How I’m Finding My Voice

I should rephrase that- I’m honing my voice. I know my voice, that silent conversation goes on in my head all the time. It’s putting it on the screen and connecting it with letters and words. Even though I am still challenged by what words to write on the screen, I still keep coming back.

I keep coming back.

I keep writing and I think I also like the challenge. I keep coming back to the keyboard because I know that practice, trying, and pursuing despite the challenge and uncomfortable can bring awesomeness. Each time I return to the keyboard, I find my voice I hone my voice, my authenticity, my me. Each time I come back. The key- the coming back part.

We need to find our voice or hone it. Whichever works for you. Get back to basics and be authentic.

Forget all the “do this and do that” and unraveling all the rules. Be real and make things simple.

Reaching goals doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy, but simplicity still gets the job done.

Think about your goals or aspirations. Have you started, stopped, or are you in the continuing part of the process? Are you making it too complicated?

Find your voice. Discover your rhythm and keep coming back. Back to basics. The “coming back” part again and again is transforming- whatever your goal may be.

Ps- I welcome your thoughts and comments below. 




  1. If I am being honest, I started 2 or 3 different blogs over the years only to give up after a couple of months. My major issues are that I get stuck in the comparison trap and I struggle to find my voice. This time around I am focusing on writing for myself because it is something I am enjoy doing. I am determined to not give up this time!

    • Hi Shannon! Yes, I can understand- and I’m here to support you! That comparison trap is no fun and it can steer us off track- I sooo realize this, and it’s so frustrating. So let’s encourage and support each other to speak/write with genuine authenticity. Our voice needs to be heard because you can say something in a way that nobody else can. I’m truly so happy to connect with you about this!!

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