March 20, 2017

How I Balance Work & Home Life

I’ve explored many different ways to balance work life and home life, and while it continues to change and evolve depending on my season of life, there is no mastery. It’s just figuring out different ways to juggle because each season of life brings different things to juggle- some bigger things, some smaller things, and usually a combination of both.

And let’s be honest, juggling isn’t easy nor always feasible. The word “balance” is also rather deceiving because are we ever in a real state of balance? It’s like this unreachable goal to find “balance.”

So let me share a little about how I juggle…

Now recently I shared my top two strategies about how I manage my time– and it has worked really well for me. But let’s not discount the fact that I would love to know what works for you too!

So today I’m going to share more specifics with you about my juggling act.

First I’ll share with you that I juggle BeWellWellness (writing here almost daily), teaching at the local university, and serving as the local wellness center’s wellness coach- while caring for my kids at home. It’s a juggling act to say the least because I work from home. Considering my top two strategies that I work on employing, here are two things that help me juggle.



My husband helps me. Now even though he works full-time, he works close enough to home that if I need help running errands at lunchtime or something, he can help. Now there are plenty of times that he travels so this isn’t always an option, but when it is (which is usually)- we work together really really well.

Disclaimer: For the last six years since having kids, we juggled a duel working family + kids + he was still training full-time for another Olympic Game. I was working, traveling, and being a mom too- as was he. That time was nuts. But we lived in a community where we knew everyone- so I employed lots and lots of support from local friends to help me when he traveled much more often or when I was going nuts. But now that we live in a new community, this isn’t one of my first go-to options right now because I’m still growing “my village” of support people with new friends… but it’s growing and I’m so thankful.

Having help- even asking for help- is so essential. It’s having a village of people as support- whether a large village or small village- it’s really helpful. Regardless, irreplaceable and essential.



I wake up early. Usually. #Honest, there are times I don’t get up super early but I usually I do. Like, before sunrise I’m up and working hard. Everyone is still sleeping and I’m having my own quiet time. This time is just awesome.

In addition to that early morning time I also use my “golden hour” (which is really two hours), but it’s during my kids nap time. Literally I call it my golden hour. I usually get things done while listening to Dave Ramsey’s live podcast. (#truth, this is what I do).


Therefore since I can’t do everything myself, my house is not always “show ready.” Could I hire a cleaning person? Yes, but right now that’s not a priority/value right now.

The point is- can everything get done all the time? Sure! But only with help, to delegate, and/or to outsource. But realistically, not everything will get done. It depends on your values/priorities and season of life.


Please share what works for you to balance work life and home life! I would love to know what works for you!


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