February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Good morning, Friday! Whoo hoo!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this weekend and some things coming up, but yet also so thankful about recent events.

I’ve been rather quiet over here lately and there’s a reason why. Err, multiple reasons why. There is just so much going on… let me just get started…

The Surprise Visit

I’m thankful for a recent surprise visit from my Dad! Welcome to South Dakota, Dad! This was his first time out here and I am thankful for his effort and desire to come and visit us waaaaay out here in the upper midwest. We just enjoyed our time and visited. You know, showed him around and gave him the local tour. But I am so thankful. Having people visit just makes me happy.


You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine…

Let me just say that the weather this week is ah-may-zing. It is giving a taste of spring-like weather and that is glorious. I mean this weather is like jump-up-and-down, smile-all-day, get-the-lawnmowers-ready type of glorious. No? Ok, maybe it’s just me. Let me just tell you that I’m legit expecting 70 degrees this weekend. Ahhh. In February. In the UPPER mid-west. The snow is slowly melting so quickly, our mud boots have been used much more frequently, we are riding bikes and taking walks outside. It’s just so refreshing. Note: I realize that we will likely have another snow storm before too long. I’m embracing this warmth while it’s here. 

Since moving to the mid-west I noticed how much more sun is present each day. An unexpected blessing as I never realized the difference from region to region. My Dad noticed it immediately how much brighter it is out here compared to the east. I mean, the sun shines SO OFTEN!


The Destroyed Quiche

On Valentine’s Day morning, I decided to make a Bacon Egg Quiche with Cheese. I’ve made this plenty of times before. I mean, plenty. I made the bacon, prepped everything- eggs, crust, etc etc, and then put it togeher and stuck it in the oven to bake. 15 minutes later I look in the oven as it continues to bake and I noticed it wasn’t setting like it usually does. Then I realized, I made this awesome quiche for everyone except I put in twice as much milk. Twice as much! Apparently I wasn’t fully paying attention. Remember- After the first time, I typically don’t use a recipe- I go by memory. Typically this works fine for me. Welp, not this time. Key word: Typically. #cookingfail #cmonLaura

So I tried to bake it longer… and longer… and longer, but to no avail. It was pitiful. And even though we all tried it, truly it was just to be kind to me, my Dad was the only one who kept reassuring me that it was fine. I was already thinking about other breakfast options. But mind you, he’s the only one who ate his whole piece. #truelove. Note: I didn’t even eat my whole piece.



Yoga with Children

Most mornings I get a work out in at home and it’s with kids around. Half the time they play with toys next to me with intermittent interruptions, while other times they are actively participating with me. Rarely is it a workout where no interruptions occur. Earlier this week they decided they were going to be my yoga instructors and I agreed to participate. Since they directly and indirectly watch me move all the time I thought this would be interesting. We had mats, blocks, and space to move.

Then they started telling and showing me what we were doing and I couldn’t stop laughing. The positions they demonstrated made me really question what I must look like when I’m doing yoga, and maybe I’m rather thankful I workout at home most days. At times it looked like I was in an intense game of Twister.

Eventually yoga turned into a Pandora dance party with Bruno Mars which as we all know is a #winwin.


Next Week: Exciting News

I have been working so hard on some projects that I’m really excited to announce next week. I’ve been listening to you about ways you want to advance your health/wellness so I’ve been crafting projects accordingly. We are all on a journey towards continued health/wellness and these projects will be instrumental to your journey. Please comment below or send me an email (Laura@BeWellWellness.com) with your current health struggles/challenges AND/OR what is working well for you. I want to continue hearing from you!

So stay tuned!!


Have an excellent Friday and a great weekend! This weekend you can find us either at a track meet, celebrating a special birthday, or moving around outside in the sunshine!

In health,


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