June 18, 2017

Father’s Day: A Thank You Note

Today is a special recognition day for all fathers and today I wrote a thank you note to a special father, the father to my children. First a special Father’s Day shout out to my own father, my step father, my father in law, and even my (late) Grandfather today. Each of them have influenced me through their role as a father.

But today’s thank you note is for the guy my kids call “Daddy.” There are many reasons for which I am thankful but I decided to choose three ways to highlight today.

Our children are able to have a role model who aims to guide them, imperfectly- which is perfect and real, but with intentional effort and strides.  It does not go unnoticed how thankful I am for these blessings as you serve in your father role.



Being a working parent has its challenges. One of the main challenges is finding balance of providing for your family and yet, valuing the time spent with those you are providing for. Because time is key and priceless, and finding a balance is necessary. I find that challenge for myself as a parent.

But your intentional effort to balance work/family life while still upholding a strong work ethic is clearly noticeable and as life’s decisions continue day after day and year after year, I’m thankful to see how your values prevail. I see it and our kids see it too. Your family leadership choices clearly showcase your priorities. For some reason, the time spent climbing and wrestling all over Daddy is much more thrilling than doing the same on Mommy (and for that I’m really thankful).



I’m thankful for how your personality impacts your role as a father. Our children get to witness first hand how to take chances, try things out, and get creative.

  • They see you building things and they want to try that too. When you’re not building something, they are! They love doing what Daddy does.
  • They see how you try things and they you include them in your projects. They are helpers and they love being helpers. You teach them how to try and how to try new methods when initial try’s fail.
  • They see and listen to how you encourage them to explore and discover, and I witness that from the sparkles in their eyes and the smiles on their faces. They hang on every word you speak.
  • They watch you and they are in love.




I saved the best and most important for last. I’m thankful for the ways you show your love and our kids notice it too. For outwardly saying I love you’s, for family hugs and kisses, for saying I’m sorry’s, and for showing our kids the value of love & marriage. They see you running to the grocery store, they want to help making the beds, and they can’t wait to snuggle each night reading bedtime books. That love from the role of a father does not go unnoticed. Heck, once (or I should say, before) Mother’s Day was over our kids were already pumped and anxious for Father’s Day to arrive and celebrate you too!

But most of all, our kids see your love for Jesus. They watch you pray, they see you sing at church, they listen to what you are thankful for at dinnertime, and they see you give and serve others. (While it’s ultimately about a personal relationship with you know who) They watch you love Jesus.


Happy Father’s Day and many thanks to you.

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