January 21, 2015

Eating Breakfast

Eating breakfast is key to start our day. It provides us a jump start after sleeping for 7-8 hours. Ideally we wake up hungry because it has been hours since we last ate.
Waking up and eating something within 30 minutes is a good routine… Even eating a breakfast with some protein and carbohydrates. And having a breakfast with requires chewing would be ideal, as opposed to just drinking breakfast (I.e. In a shake or meal replacement).
A typical breakfast for me when I start my day are these homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites that I make in advance and freeze. I also enjoy it with my cup o’joe. These little bites provide protein, chia and flax seed for fiber and nutrients, some banana for fruit, and some chocolate and honey for sweetness.
Maybe you don’t like eating breakfast in the morning. The thought of eating breakfast in the morning does not appeal to you. That’s ok, but identify if there are some small changes you can make to adjust that…
Is it because you are not hungry in the morning? (Are you a snacker in the evening? You just don’t feel like eating?)
Or maybe you are not sure what to eat? (Try plain yogurt with fruit and low fat granola, or a hard boiled egg with a slice of wheat toast and 1/2 cup fruit)
There is no need to have a BIG breakfast right when you wake up. But a little somethin’ is good.

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