July 29, 2016

Designing a Life You Love

I love the title of this post, but let’s not discount the brevity of DOING IT. 
In various stages of life our perception of ‘the design’ may change. And that’s ok. 
Sometimes we don’t know what we want or how do we get there?
No worries. 
Let’s listen. Let’s be our own advocate to our passions. Keep taking steps to identifying our passions and taking steps to pursue our passions- even if they are baby steps. Who cares. Don’t give up. It’s time to create. 
With age (eh hem), I have learned more about courage and bravery to design the life I love. And boy I’m still learning. And growing. And I’m enjoying the process… but it 100% requires me to be brave and have a lot of courage. It requires me to acknowledge that I will fail. I will stumble to design the life I love. Sometimes I’ll get lost and I may even have some drama. But if I want to create a life I love… it starts with bravery and courage TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP. 
It wasn’t until my husband and I chose to move our family four states away for a job that I forced myself to be brave and design the life I love. 

I decided I wanted to be…

more outwardly authentic
more brave and courageous
pursue my passions while upholding my values
I read books. I followed particular authors who were motivating. I searched my soul. I wanted to take a fresh start and I was ready. I had to TAKE THE FIRST STEP.
Now instead of working full time, I’m staying at home with my kids and working from home as I design a life I love. We even bought a smaller house to make it happen. In every aspect of my work life, I’m helping others pursue their goals as I work from home. It took me being brave and stepping out of my comfort zone to figure it out and do it.
Today I’m creating my own schedule as I teach in higher ed and serve as a Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach to many different people and it.is.awesome. Being brave is so motivating! And here’s the thing… I’m on a role now. Ha! I have more goals and dreams which take much more bravery and courage which I’m going to pursue because…
Design a life you love. Listen and pray about your next steps. Be brave because YOU CAN DO IT. The hardest part is taking the first step. 

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