August 30, 2016

Confession: I Don’t Follow Recipes

It’s true.     

I don’t typically follow recipes.
Julia Child - the first celebrity chef I started following.:
I enjoy creating food items-
cooking, baking, gardening, etc. I find it therapeutic. 
I like knowing what
ingredients are in my food, choosing which ingredients go in my food, 
and the
notion of ‘farm to table’ living. It gives me the opportunity to make healthy 
meals for my family and also, let’s be real- save some serious money. 
making my own food is so much cheaper and typically, healthier, if you choose.

But following a recipe???

In most cases, I’d rather go off the beaten path. 
When it comes to cooking (more
so cooking than baking), I don’t follow recipes. 
I “eye ball” measurements in
my hand and add flavor based on taste. Do many of you do this too?? Some may call this laziness  creativity (eh hem), I call it learning. I mean, typically I’ll look at a few
recipes to get inspired and then I’ll do my own thing. So if my husband says, ‘you
should make that one dish we had last Thursday night’, I’m typically left in
wonder (first, what I make? Second, what did I put in that time??). Because let’s be honest, depending on the dish, it may not be the same twice. And sometimes it takes
me a couple tries to find my own version and my rhythm, but it works. Again, creativity. Learning, let’s say.
This method typically works in my favor because I end up creating food based on
the items I have on hand in my kitchen. And usually, it’s because I have a slew of leftovers that I want to use up because I hate throwing away large amounts of food. So I try to be resourceful. For example, tonight we are going to have a chicken soup because I have a bunch of leftover chicken I roasted recently, a bunch of leftover roasted potatoes from yesterday, a bunch of fresh spinach I can use, plus some seasonings and flavor and VOILA! (It makes much more sense to me when I’m just throwing things into the crockpot or stockpot) But if you noticed- everything is already cooked, so I just have to throw it together. I’m banking on dinner being done in 20 minutes. Wanna bet on it?
there have been plenty of times where this hasn’t worked in my favor. Once I
was rushing way too much while making chili (typically one of the easier dishes to make) and instead of putting in a bunch of chili
powder, I put in a bunch of red pepper flakes by accident. Oh my goodness, our
mouths were ON FIRE. #oops. Lesson learned, focus and don’t rush.
So maybe that’s the lesson in life… 
Learn from the life recipes of others… but create your own. 
Happy Tuesday.

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