February 27, 2017

Big news!

Man, I’ve been dreamin’.

And doin’. And hustlin’.

For about 6 weeks now. And I’ve been waiting for the moment I can start sharing what I’ve been working on. This, is just the beginning. There’s so much in store for BeWellWellness, but one step at a time.

(calm Laura, be CALM)

So let’s get to it…

Big Announcements Today!


Disclaimer ::praise moment:: I was notified last week that I was nominated for an Excellence in Teaching award here at USD! This student-driven, nomination was brought to my attention by postal mail last week and it was so unexpected. While “words of affirmation” are not my top motivation nor influence my feelings of being valued, I do appreciate a nice “atta boy” every now and then- especially from the individuals I serve in that capacity which is most important.

The special aspect of this award is that it’s student-driven and I’ve worked at the U. for almost a year.

I’m just speechless (which takes a lot).

But here’s the deal… I’ve been putting in the work. Sweat, time, and investment. I mean I’ve been c.o.m.m.i.t.t.e.d. Granted new place and new hoops, but still the same game. But it’s not “work” because I love it. When we invest in our passions and enjoy it, it’s not “work.” So the one sentence that caught my attention in the nomination was:

She has such passion and energy when she teaches, even when we are all still waking up in the morning!

Yes, true. Very true. Hello, I’m a morning person.

Passion? Check check.

So basically- Yay, I’m thankful and feel reminded that I’m making an impact.



Here are the announcements and where I share the good stuff.

As I mentioned before- my passion is teaching, and frankly I’m good at it too. I also have a passion for all things wellness (duh). So I’ve taken my strengths, passions, background and experience in teaching, health & wellness and…

I have created WELLNESS E-COURSES for you!

These courses will help you in your pursuit towards advancing your wellness, depending on where you are in your health journey. The courses will have these specific focus areas, called pillars of wellness:






I have published 2 courses already (click HERE) focused on Occupational Wellness, the Resume Overhaul, with the option of also getting personal one-on-one resume review and commentary from me. I have reviewed and coached hundreds thousands of individuals with their resumes over the last several years. I’ve seen it all. And then some.

And I have two more courses in the queue- to be released in the next 1-2 weeks, focusing on your mind/body/spirit. Get excited- it’s good. Like, reeeeal good.



*expires 3/13/17 at 11:55pm

*promo code: GrandOpening30 (case sensitive)

I interact with so many people during the day- online, through BeWellWellness, emails, face-to-face in class, during seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions, that I’m listening and responding to help you… in accommodating and flexible formats, like online.

So go check out these courses (and more coming soon)! Thanks for stopping by! If I haven’t heard from you yet in regards to what barriers are hindering you from advancing towards your health goals- please comment below or reach out to me on social media. 

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