January 23, 2017

Because 4AM and 0 degrees

Of the many, what are two things that most people typically avoid?

Let me tell you.

It’s 4AM’s (because HELLO sleep) and 0 degree temperatures (because HELLO is a reason necessary?). Most people are not up at 4AM willingly and most people are not actively playing in frigid 0 degree temperatures by choice. (Some yes, most no). 

In the literal sense, yes it is much more comfy to be sleeping rather than up at 4AM.

And obviously it is much more cozy (and safe) than to be in 0 degree temps.

However from a perspective of changing behaviors to reach goals, it’s almost always the uncomfortable, out of the box, undesirable behaviors that other people do not want to do- that reaches the goal.

It’s those people who are willing to put in 3x the extra effort to reach that goal (which may or may not include an early bedtime and up at 4AM- again, just an example).

From a personal perspective, I have two examples.

For me- I can tell you that reaching my goals professionally did not come overnight or with easy peasy sailing (and I’m now continuing towards more goals). For a while, I had this big goal. The goal was a certain job I desired and it was one of my #lifegoals, so I decided to start working on that goal without wasting any time. I decided to connect with others and learn as much as I could about those in the field and other things I wanted to learn about the field, I ensured that my knowledge/content/certifications/background supported my goals, and in the beginning I immersed myself in a similar role as a part-timer in addition to my full-time job. Anything I could do- I did. In order to reach my goals, I choose to use my time towards the achievement of my goals and trying to do things that other’s wouldn’t do.

Similarly, but yet on the other hand…

For my husband- He just finished training as an athlete. Competed in three Olympic Games and that certainly didn’t come overnight. If it was a blizzard and bitter cold- he still trained. If practice was needed 2x that day, he still did it despite demanding work responsibilities. If his training results weren’t where he wanted them to be, he persevered. He stuck to the course. And I watched him relentlessly continue and stay the course… even when it would be waaaayyy easier not to.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what your goal is- you can reach it IF you are (typically) willing to do what other people are not. Whatever that looks like. It may be 4AM, but that’s just an example. Maybe it’s trying something new, maybe it’s moving, maybe it’s volunteering beyond your full-time job to immerse yourself into your desired field.

It’s perseverance.

You WILL get knocked down. You WILL fail. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s going to happen. Are you going to get back up?

Once I applied a #goaljob and I thought I would be perfect for the job. I convinced myself it was the perfect job for me. Just perfect. I just pumped myself up. And guess what? I applied but I didn’t even get an interview. Shocked, disappointed, discouraged, sad. Gah. I didn’t even get an interview but yet I was trying so hard! I didn’t even get an interview? But I continued. I kept doing all those extra things. I just kept going, and doing, repeat repeat. Three years later, the same position opened. That same position. Same job. What?! I applied again. This time, I got the interview(s)- and I nailed it. Nailed it. I got the position. Oh, so overjoyed. And as a bonus, I even got an apology upon job acceptance that I probably should’ve got the job earlier (nonetheless an interview) the first time I applied.

BAM. Ha.

But the key is I persevered… and whatever that looks like for you.

Do the uncomfortable and trust.

Go above and beyond to reach your goals… and WHEN you fall down- just dust off and keep going with the support of “your people.”

If you trust that this is your path and your goal, stay patient, and go above and beyond to reach them…

The world is at your reach.

Now go reach those goals.

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