January 20, 2015

Back to Basics: Moving

If there was a magic pill for weight loss or to prevent heart disease, diabetes, what have you, I’m sure it would be popular since we live in a society with instant gratification.
But when it comes to your health, it’s the slow and steady pace that takes the cake. Meaning, living healthy must be a lifestyle everyday (or at least 80% of the time)- not just something you do in January or when we “remember”. Because let’s be honest, I have the worst memory and you may think the same about yourself. But in most cases it has taken months and years to establish our current health state.
But there is good news- we can make strides towards health! The key, however, is GETTING BACK TO BASICS. No magic pills, no special formula. Just the basics.
We should be engaging in movement activities everyday (or most days) for at least 30 minutes. But what about the other 23.5 hrs in a day? Yes, I know there is sleeping, and commuting, and eating, and working, and everything else in between. But even when we move for those 30 minutes, we can’t just “check it off our to do list” when the rest of our day is sitting. Sitting. In a car, at the computer, in front of the TV.
Have you seen this article– “Too Much Sitting Raises Risk of Death, Even If you Exercise”?
It caught my attention and I enjoyed the quick read. The phrase that caught my attention specifically was “is sitting the new smoking?” What a question. And a valid question at that.
It makes you think- what else can I do to move more during that day? We can all do something.
Park farther away from our destination.
Host walking meetings at work.
Simply stand instead of sitting- wherever you are.
Take the stairs, instead of the elevator. Take the long route- more walking.
Exercise during commercials (or the entire TV show)
It’s clear we have some moving to do. But the key is to stick to the basics (I.e. Move more) to adapt it into a healthy lifestyle.

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