February 17, 2018

Refreshing some Self Care Routines (with inspiration from the Olympic Games)

Happy Saturday! Have you been watching the Olympics whenever you’re not sleeping or working? Yeah, me neither. Ha. Seriously, we are watching it all.the.time. Last night we ended the evening watching the Super-G with Lindsay Vonn and then skating with Adam Rippon, then this morning woke up to some USA hockey. And whenever I watch USA Olympic hockey I think of Coach Herb in the movie Miracle because that’s a favorite movie around this house. “Again! Again!” (If you’re familiar with the movie. Actually maybe when the Olympic Games are over, we’ll need to watch that movie again.)

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January 12, 2018

Returning After a Break

I’m baaaaack! Oh goodness, I’m back. I took an unannounced hiatus from blogging and I’m back now. I decided not to make a big deal about it- just take some time away, then return. And here I am!

The last season has been filled with lots of opportunities I’ve been excited to accept, which prompted me to take a break from blogging for a moment to readjust. It was a decision where I had to temporarily re-prioritize my time and daily investment.  Now that I’m adjusted and I’ve developed a new rhythm, I’m ready to jump back into blogging again at BeWellWellness!

YET NOW IT IS JANUARY (AND A NEW YEAR!). Insert big eyed emoji here. I HAVE MISSED YOU, kind friends.

Let me share with you what’s been going on here since I’ve been off-the-grid here at BeWellWellness…

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September 17, 2017

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Happy day! It’s a beautiful afternoon and I feel the fall weather quickly approaching. Yesterday our leaves started falling on the grass, and I’ve been wearing shorts less & less and pants more & more. With the onset of fall is also the transition back to school and routines. And I must tell you, I think I’ve finally developed a solid routine for this school year. I know that sounds crazy because it’s been a month since these new routines have been in place, but I find that nailing down a solid new morning & evening routine doesn’t happen overnight. So I’m excited that we’re at a good place. With that said, there’s a reason I haven’t posted on here lately. I’ve been trying to figure out my routine.

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August 26, 2017

3 Advantages to Stepping Back from the Online World

Recently I have taken a step back from the online world, posting on BeWellWellness, posting on social media outlets, etc. This is often my trend and preference during summer months because I’m focusing my attention on my people and posting (on any format) takes a backseat for a bit.

And I enjoy it. It’s refreshing.

But there are three things I always learn from it…


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July 23, 2017

Instant Pot: Tomato, Bean & Lentil Bowl (Plus, 2 Recipes in 1!)

You won’t believe it. As I mentioned a couple days ago, I am still a newbie Instant Pot learner but let me just tell you that I made this recipe and then converted it into ANOTHER meal too! It was ligit a win/win recipe. Here’s what I liked about the recipe:

  1. Easy (literally, you just dump the items in)
  2. Quick (10-12 minutes)
  3. Healthy (all veggie… but you could certainly add animal protein! Very versatile)
  4. Can serve for more than one meal! (and/or leftovers)

I mean. Seriously. Just get ready to thank me. Yep, get ready.

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July 21, 2017

Instant Pot: Squash + Lentil Bowl

There’s two new things in my life that you should know about- 1. my Instant Pot, and 2. my love for lentils. Why? Because, despite the fact that I’m still on a learning curve with my Instant Pot, I’m seeing how helpful this kitchen item can be for me as our schedules get a little busier in a month. Plus! I believe lentils are the forgotten, nutrient-rich item that can be so easy to use in nearly anything!

Today I’m sharing how I’m using these two things together. (And heads up- Come back tomorrow for another recipe that actually is a 2-in-1 recipe! Yes, believe it.)

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July 10, 2017

Summer Rejuvenation

It’s July 10th- how is that possible?! I feel like we have been thoroughly enjoying our summer and sometimes I suppose it’s only right that it’s already July 10th. We have been maximizing our summer weather and time together here in the midwest and I think we’ve done well at mixing the busy times with the relaxing times.

Before we continue let me just tell you that the weather in the midwest is beautiful (more on that below)!

But if I look at my priorities each summer, it always comes down to one thing- rejuvenating and reflecting. I find that in the summer, I take a step back from the rush rush rush for about a month or two, and today I’m sharing about my own Summer Rejuvenation so far.

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June 18, 2017

Father’s Day: A Thank You Note

Today is a special recognition day for all fathers and today I wrote a thank you note to a special father, the father to my children. First a special Father’s Day shout out to my own father, my step father, my father in law, and even my (late) Grandfather today. Each of them have influenced me through their role as a father.

But today’s thank you note is for the guy my kids call “Daddy.” There are many reasons for which I am thankful but I decided to choose three ways to highlight today.

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June 5, 2017

Easiest (& Healthy) Guacamole

There are few things I enjoy more that a rock star guacamole. Since guacamole is so easy to make, I don’t often buy pre-made guac because I find there are unnecessary added ingredients & the flavor is just isn’t the same.

The real question is this: How has it taken me this long to post about this guacamole recipe that I’ve been making for YEARS?!!


The issue here is not eating all the guac before it’s supposed to be served but here’s the deal- I’m doing my due diligence in taste-testing. In fact, I’m doing a service in taste testing for others. People should be thanking me for taste testing and ensuring it’s suitable to consume, despite the fact that there is usually quite of bit less remaining for others to eat. That’s the sacrifice and part of the service. You are welcome.

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May 31, 2017

My Birthday Letter: Dear Younger Me

It’s the last day of May which may be just be another day for you but today is my birthday (whoo hoo)! And friends, I love to celebrate and I’ll celebrate anything. Heck after we moved here, I came home and celebrated after I made my first friend. So yes, I like to celebrate.

But today I drafted a letter to my younger self, many birthdays ago, to celebrate this day. Join me…

Dear younger Laura, 

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