Meet Laura

Hello! I’m Laura and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I help others find confidence and ease creating healthy lifestyles, making healthy recipes, and reducing stress- because those are things I have interest in too! My time is spent with my family but also teaching in higher ed, helping individuals reaching their health goals, and writing… actually I’ve been writing for years.

Born & raised with east coast roots while flying with midwest wings. My hubs, who I met while I was in college, has been my favorite co-pilot on our journey.  We moved to a new community a couple years ago and we are celebrating life in a small town in the upper midwest.

I love teaching, sharing and talking about all things health and wellness (read: food, motivation, relationships, and living a life you love), that I created wellness online courses in order to help you feel more confident in advancing your health with small steps creating lasting results.

In my professional roles for many years, I have served as a reference for hundreds of individuals countless times so I created a Resume Overhaul e-course because I noticed there was definitely a need for guidance- what’s needed/optional, how to make it look professional, and how to create substance.

As a side note- I’m an outgoing extrovert. I love being “in the fun”…well, that is until this early bird gets too tired and I’m told it’s time for bed. I laugh really loud and I love a solid belly laugh which is usually much too loud (and doesn’t help my lifelong ‘voice volume control issues’). 


My philosophy

Being healthy is not about the perfect physique, a certain number on the scale, or “doing it all.” It’s the collective of the mind, body, and spirit.

Everyone defines healthy and the meaning of wellness differently, but regardless it is making the choice to take steps towards greater health, loving yourself, and taking care of yourself and others- while giving yourself grace when (not if) you make mistakes. It’s dreaming, being courageous, and goal-setting with momentumLet’s challenge ourselves to live healthier, one step at a time… we’re all in this together.

My background

My undergraduate degree is in Health Education (licensed teacher K-12) and wellness, and my graduate degree is in Health Education and Promotion. I’m also a Certified Health Education Specialist, Intrinsic Health and Wellness Coach, American Red Cross Instructor, and formerly certified as a group fitness instructor. I’ve also been teaching in higher education for years.


My normal everyday

My normal everyday is spent juggling working outside the home and working inside the home, spending time with my kids, picking up cheerios off the floor and finding them in unlikely places around the house, waking up early for coffee and personal time, baking/cooking with my kids in the kitchen, and dabbling in many different health/wellness avenues to keep life hoppin’.

I get a thrill of taking a recipe and secretly maximizing the nutrient factor… even though I don’t really follow recipes often. But I also enjoy some pizza and a glass of wine while talking with people- that might be a favorite for me.

So here I am! Normal, real, authentic- usually hanging out at home on a Saturday night. I’m so glad you’re here- Let’s connect!



Grab some coffee or tea, and let’s connect. Please reach out to me anytime- I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on posts- I would enjoy to hear from you! I’m also around these places below…

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