March 30, 2017

A Normal Week: But Lots of Feelings

It’s been one of those weeks- you know, the weeks that seem ever so normal but yet when you reflect and look back on the last several days- you just see this blur. The funny thing- the week isn’t even over yet. Ha! Well for me this week, I look back in the rear view mirror of the week, if you will, and whew! emotions. A rear view mirror of emotions.

What happened, you ask? Well it’s not like anything large or profound happened. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that I’m shouting from the mountaintops. But it was the little things that either took my breath away or… brought me to my knees.

While this isn’t atypical for emotional wellness- for ebbs and flows in emotions- it just is interesting when it’s reflected in your own day-to-day life. And just because I teach about wellness, doesn’t mean that I’m always 100% perfect in my everyday life. I’m real, and I’m honest. Let’s do this.

I have rediscovered the joys of friend-dating. Meaning, this typically includes making new friends and getting to know each other at first through a series of “getting to know you” questions that sometimes just feel like you’re on a first date. (And sometimes you’re hoping with curiosity that this new friend will want to continue this friendship to a second date!)

Recently I got to know an acquaintance even further as a friend! And as a true extrovert, I was certainly chatty and quite excited to grow a new friendship.¬†Since I personally thrive on interactions and conversations with other people, it’s even more encouraging when friends are willing to be open and share honestly about their fears, doubts, dreams, goals. love love love it.

When we parted from our evening, I felt so refreshed, joyful, and thankful to have connected with another someone… so we can grow, encourage and support each other in our journeys- whatever that looks like.

One of the emotions this week was JOY, particularly in regards to new friends. When we moved to our new small community not too long ago, I would pray that I would create good friendships since people are my love language. ūüôā ¬†There is always room for more friends… and for rediscovering the joys of friend-dating. you know what I mean.


Every year about this time of early spring, I go through a 2-day¬†chunk of time where I’m really¬†stressed/sad. Why? Well it’s right at the beginning of track travel season and (I know this is going to sound really cheesy, and make sure you read this whole part), but I just miss my hubs when he’s gone traveling. It brings me back to my days when we were dating and I felt like my heart would explode because I missed him so much. That exploding¬†honeymoon feeling isn’t necessarily exactly the same now (now that years have packed on and it just feels different), but I still miss him when he’s gone. However now he’s not gone nearly as much since he’s not training/competing or traveling with other sports, which is great.

These stressed/sad feelings usually only occur right at the beginning of travel trips, in the prep/anticipation prior. Honestly, it’s the anticipation of possible loneliness/boredom for me.¬†*Note: Interestingly, I am also very independent and at the same time I embrace the alone time (I know, crazy combo), but that embracing feeling doesn’t usually happen until he’s gone and I’m “in the zone.” Ha.¬†#thisisme .¬†

I know I’m not alone because I’ve talked to others about this and that feeling of missing (yet supporting) your spouse is so very real. So usually I try to fill my schedule with things to do with local friends or any events going on, focus on certain tasks at home, reading something in particular, etc, in addition to normal daily things with the kids- and that is helpful.

However this time I just felt so overwhelmed. My heart rate was soaring and I was getting worked up. I knew I had to bring a centeredness to myself. So I turned on some soothing background music, closed my eyes, and I dropped to my knees in what began as a flow of yoga positions to calm my body and my mind. Slow movements and easy breaths. While I don’t know how long I continued this random sequence of positions, based on whatever felt right by the feel of my body, but after what felt like a long time of movement I felt peace and calm encompass every inch of my body and mind.

It was so pleasant to experience my feelings turn to gratitude towards the feelings of peace and calmness.

When (not if) you feel overwhelmed, entertain trying some¬†strategies to calm the mind and bring peace to the present. There are so many strategies to try and it’s just entertaining different methods to see what you are open to. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Joy and thankfulness…

Stress… sadness… gratitude… peace… calm…

All good stuff.



You know that strange, but good, feeling when thankfulness unexpectedly hits you like a ton of bricks? You don’t expect it but all of a sudden- BAM! feelings of thankfulness due to the kindness of others?! Man, oh man.¬†Then these feelings of “goodness, how can I show my appreciation??” Well usually I resort to saying thank you… several times. It’s my go-to in order to verbally express appreciation because I think verbal recognition goes a long way and it can be immediate feedback.

Well yesterday I was in a bind due to my schedule between me & my kids, and my in laws dropped everything and drove all the way over here to save the day for me. While this may not seem like a big deal- but many times it’s the little things that mean so much. They likely don’t see their helpfulness as grandiose, but I am saying that the impact of even small gestures goes a long way. I’m so thankful for their helpfulness yesterday.

It made me think of the lollipop story. If you don’t know about the lollipop story then you’ll have to come back tomorrow so I can tell you, because it is one of my very favorites.


I hope your week is going well. And if you, too, are having a slew of emotions going on this week- highs and lows- you are not alone. Managing stress is key and (coming soon!) I will be sharing with you some exciting ways where you can learn more about HOW to manage your stress better.

See you tomorrow for the lollipop story…


In health,









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