November 15, 2018

November Thankfulness #10

I debated how to begin this post because as you can see, I skipped a few days of thankful posts. That was not originally the plan but sometimes plans change.

But I continue to show up. Even when it’s not perfect. And not to give it away… but that’s my thankfulness today. And I’m going to give some examples as to why this is my thankfulness because these last few days proved it…

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November 9, 2018

November Thankfulness #9

Happy Friday everyone. Now there’s a reason to be thankful! We made it! This week was so nutty. Tuesday felt like Thursday and Thursday felt like Wednesday, but here we are at Friday and geesh. I woke up to a blanket of snow outside and it looks so pretty. No cars drove on the road yet so it literally looked like a smooth blanket of fresh snow.

But today is another thankfulness post as I keep my commitment going where I post everyday in November about what I’m thankful for- small things or big things. It doesn’t matter. All valuable.

Here we go…

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November 8, 2018

November Thankfulness #8

Everyday this month I have shared something for which I’m thankful. If you missed my sharing yesterday, click here, or Tuesday’s is here.

So basically, we’re on a roll here and it’s exciting.

Today’s thankfulness is based on where I live in the Midwest. Join me?

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November 7, 2018

November Thankfulness #7

Happy Wednesday. I’m posting today, later in the day than usual but I’m determined to stay on a schedule here.

While you may have some guesses as to what today’s thankfulness may be, I betcha you don’t know. ūüėČ

P.S.- I’m thankful you stop by to #BeWellWellness. (thanks friend!)

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November 6, 2018

November Thankfulness #6

Oh Monday, you were crazy busy and fun yesterday! Like nonstop.  Between office work, teaching, more teaching, office work, and more teaching, I was able to start the first half of my day with a BANG! Then after speaking with more students, picking up my kids and their friends, going home to make dinner for a friend, we relaxed at home as the Dallas Cowboys played their game.
Monday’s are easy, it’s Tuesdays that always need the momentum.
But do you want to hear about my thankfulness for today? Oh c’mon, of course you do!

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November 5, 2018

November Thankfulness #5

Good morning and Happy Monday!¬†A new week and new chiller winter weather coming. Meaning, it’s time to bundle up- no doubt! Ha. But I hope you had a nice weekend.

Today I’m sharing a new thankfulness item and my thankfulness was reinforced over the weekend (I’ll share).

Join me?

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November 4, 2018

November Thankfulness #4

Happy Sunday!

Let’s get started with today’s thankfulness, and be sure to comment if we share the same¬†thankfulness item. I’d like to know if we’re on the same page on things… or maybe not. Ha.

Today’s thankfulness isn’t people related as my last two things. But I bet there are many of you that are going to agree with me that this is a thankfulness item for you too.

I betcha.

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November 3, 2018

November Thankfulness #3

Folks, Day #3! We are on a ROLL! It’s the weekend and while that may be a future¬†thing¬†to be thankful for and write about¬†(because yes), today’s thankfulness is another¬†big one.

Yes, yesterday was a big one and today is too. But no worries, tomorrow is different. I already know what I’m going to share with you tomorrow… and while significant and a daily staple for me, it doesn’t have the same depth as yesterday’s and today’s¬†things.

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November 2, 2018

November Thankfulness #2

My #ThankfulNovember series continues with Day #2! Yay! As I shared yesterday, I’m spending the month of November sharing one thing each day which I’m giving thanks and showing gratitude. It could be big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Today is a big one. I have a few big ones this month I plan to share and they will be dispersed throughout the month. But this is one makes it hard to put words together….

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November 1, 2018

November Thankfulness #1

Today is November 1st and starts my first day of thankfulness for the month. Most days this month I will be sharing something I am thankful for and why. I hope you join me.

A friend of mine, eh-hem Linda, does this every year and a couple years ago I decided I wanted to do it too. Join me?!

Basically it is irrelevant if¬†the thing¬†you are thankful for is¬†simple or has depth, if it impacts you or others, or if the explanation is short or long.¬†The point is thankfulness, and I’m going to be recording my thoughts here… hopefully to inspire you¬†to do the same.

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